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Ornate Box Turtle

On June 2nd, 2005 we had two Ornate box turtles brought into the rescue. Both were severely dehydrated and showed signs of MBD (metabolic bone disease). They were purchased as a trio of hatchlings by the previous owner for Christmas of 2004 so were approximately 19 months old. One of them had died prior to them being brought to the rescue. The owner had tried all she could to get the turtles in good health and had them to a vet but they were still failing.

From looking at them upon arrival, the swollen eyes, splayed legs, and lethargy pretty much told me what needed to be done. The littlest of the two was motionless with eyes swollen shut and weighed all of 21 grams. The larger had little to no use of the rear legs and weighed 82 grams, but at least it's eyes were open and it would eat.

First thing was a good moist set up with lots of wet spagnum moss and wet substrate and caves. A brand new Mega ray bulb and a nice little swimming area with a ramp for easy access. The littler of the two was given sub q fluids along with the daily soaks and was also delicately tubed every three days until he began to eat on his own three weeks later. They also got daily outside time with natural sunlight and our high humidity.

Now, seven months later this little Ornate weights 89 grams, walks upright on his little legs that have become very strong and hunts for his own bugs daily as well as eat any food you give him. The other Ornate that came in with him has since been adopted to a new home and is doing well and using its legs more and more.






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