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Red Eared Slider


This Red eared slider was turned in to a local vet after being found on the side of a road by someone. It's eyes were so severley swollen and the turtle was lethargic. There was not much hope for this turtle. We were called by the veterinary clinic and asked if we would take the turtle to try to rehabilitate it. Of course we did. Each day we wondered if we should just euthanize it but thought we'll give it a few more days. Amazingly after a few weeks one eye opened up and we figured one eye was better than none. Then about a week later the other eye opened. It seemed to have full sight in both eyes, began eating on its own, swimming well and basking as a normal turtle would. Needless to say we were all amazed. This turtle now resides in a large pond down in Florida where it can enjoy the outdoors all year.




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